Do I Need a Network?


Do you have more than one computer in your home or office? Have you considered networking them? A network will allow you to share files and resources like printers or scanners, also with a network you can share internet access with all of the computers in your home or office. will also check your wireless network and make certain that it is set up securely so that only authorized users are able to use the network.

Being able to share your Internet, files and printers is the goal of setting up your network.  A successfully configured network can dramatically increase your productivity, and give you more free time.

Your network will start with a cable or DSL broadband router. The job of the router is to deliver the web to all of your computers, so they can be online at the same time. There are a few major brands, and they all have browser-based configuration. Since they all need to connect to a typical cable or DSL connection, any setup differences will be merely cosmetic.


Printer Sharing

There are two ways to do this: You can simply share out the printer from the host PC, or you can get a print server. A print server is a small network device that connects your printer to your router. In effect, your printer will be "on the network"; not physically connected to any PC. Print servers can be wired, wireless, or both. Be aware that "multifunction" or "all in one" fax/scanner/printers are not compatible with print servers, but you can share them out from a host PC.


What are the advantages of Networking

With a networked computer, you can do a number of things that cannot be done without a network connection.
Connect to host computers for things like email, searches, etc.
Browse the World Wide Web
Quickly transfer files to or from your desktop computer and host computers for such things as email, shared documents, and web display.
Share files for all your networked computers.


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