On-Site Service


On-Site service and repair

Are you tired of having to disassemble your computer and take it into a computer store and wait for weeks to have someone work on it? With geekhelp911.com most all of our services are performed onsite. 

Virus & Spyware Removal    

Does it seem that your computer is slowing down or putting popup windows on your desktop when you wouldn't expect it? You could have a virus or have been infected with spyware. If you need help detecting or removing any virus or spyware just give us a call and we will be able to remedy the situation quickly.

Have you tried removing spyware in the past? Does it keep coming back to your computer? Did you ever get rid of it?  There are a large number of tools out there for removing the spyware that is installed on your computer, but they don't always work especially against the more aggressive spyware. 

Viruses and worms are infections that can attach themselves to your programs and cause damage.  Trojan horses open up back doors to your computer, leading straight to your personal information. Let us eliminate these infiltrations and install protective applications.

Spyware and adware chew up system resources and drastically slow down your computer.  Spyware can change your browser settings, monitor your keystrokes, scan files and attach cookies, all of which can be sent back to its creator. Adware gathers personal computing habits and sends them back to its creator. We can remove nasty spyware and adware that have infiltrated your machine.

Computer Cleaning    

Would you like to have the sites that you visit on the internet removed for good?  Even though you have cleared your histories and emptied your recycle bin, there are ways to uncover these files and view where you have been.  We offer a service that we will confidentially come to your home or office and remove all evidence of these activities.


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