Video Editing &

Transfer VHS to DVD

Do you need your video tape edited or simply transferred to DVD.

How long do you think your VHS tapes will last before the break down.



The Process
There are a million different ways to do video editing. You can buy a complete solution from different companies or you can use your camera and a to cut things together.  While most of this sounds like something that you can do yourself unless you have loads of time to devote to these projects it is probably best to find someone that can do this work for you.

The Camera
There are hundreds of digital video cameras on the market today from manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, JVC and Canon. Most of them use what are known as Mini DV tapes.

VHS Tapes
The technology for videotaping has been around for only 30 years -- an infant industry compared to motion picture, films and photographs. Videos are more fragile than motion picture film and wear out in 7 to 15 years.


DVD (Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc) is a high capacity optical disc perfect for video, multimedia, games and audio applications. Physically, DVDs are the same size and thickness as CDs but hold from seven to over 25 times the digital data.

This large data capacity has made the DVD an ideal vehicle for distributing video content. DVDs are replacing VHS tapes, just as CDs replaced vinyl records, but at a faster rate.

Here's why:
DVDs have better picture quality and color
DVDs are in a digital format
DVDs can provide state-of-the-art surround sound
DVDs offer multiple angles option
DVDs are capable of multiple languages and soundtracks
DVDs are random accessible
DVDs are significantly more durable

DVD-ROM drives are replacing CD-ROM drives in computers. Video games have quickly converted to DVD and audio DVDs are not far behind.


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