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Why would I want a website !

Here are just a few things to consider:

Promote Your Ideas or Hobbies
This is probably the biggest reason for setting up your own personal web site.

There are countless web sites on the Internet that people have created, not to make money, but to promote there ideas, hobbies, or beliefs.

In fact the Internet is an excellent way to do this and you can create a real community of people with the same ideas, hobbies, and beliefs as yourself. It's also great way to meet people.

To Advertise Your Company or Product
The Internet can be an excellent way to promote your company or a product, but it needs to be used along with traditional ways of advertising.

With so many web sites out there and 100's more being created everyday it becomes harder and harder to promote your site on the Internet.

The best way to promote your product is to use traditional advertising and let potential customers know they can find out more information through your web site.

Attract these potential customers into you web site by offering quizzes and prizes and give them information on your company or products while they are there. Forums and chat rooms can also help with this and allow your customers to discus your product while they are there.

Can it really make a difference in my business?

The Internet offers an extraordinary opportunity for business owners. The Internet can enhance your traditional advertising, such as the radio, television, yellow pages, etc., by expanding the number of potential customers you reach.

A web presence for your business will enhance the company's professional image as well as make information of your products and/or services available to current and new customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why should you limit your business? A web site is the world's most effective and affordable method of marketing. Your website will encourage potential customers to contact you by phone, mail or e-mail, and purchase your product and/or service any time of the day.

Having a web site is nearly essential in today's market. The Internet has changed the way we buy and sell products and services and the way we obtain information. It is critical for companies to embrace an online strategy in order to compete in the new e-economy.

67% of Americans are online - can they find your business? Currently over 67% of the people in the US access the Internet, up from over 40% at the end of 1999. Many people research their needs at night on the Internet. Don't miss out on having your business available to your potential customers at their convenience.

Here is some interesting stats:

How many people are online?

The art of estimating how many are online throughout the world is an inexact one at best. Surveys abound, using all sorts of measurement parameters. However, from observing many of the published surveys over the last two years, here is an "educated guess" as to how many are online worldwide as of September 2002. And the number is 605.60 million.

World Total 605.60 million
Africa 6.31 million
Asia/Pacific 187.24 million
Europe 190.91 million
Middle East 5.12 million
Canada & USA 182.67 million
Latin America 33.35 million



Should I learn to build my own website or hire someone to do it for me?

This is probably the most important question you should answer first.

Unless you have a lot of spare time on your hands, it is probably better to sit down with someone that can build your site just the way you want it.

This is a very important part in the creation of a web site, and usually very useful.
The best way to research how your web site should look and be structured is to spend a few hours or days looking around the Internet at other web sites.

Look partially at your competitors web sites or web sites on the same thing as yours is going to be.
See if you can get any ideas you can use and improve on.

See if there are things about other sites that you don't like or find hard to use so you can avoid making the same mistake in your web site.

How do I get my own domain name?

This is taken care of for you when you use our services.  We can help you thru the unknowns of choosing a name and setting it up for the first time.

You can use the website space that your internet provider (ISP) gives you, but you really should have a site that you can name and call your own.


What is the best when it comes to designing a website.

Don't be mistaken that the flashest coolest looking web site is the best. Quite often these sorts of sites will only work in the latest browsers or are difficult to navigate, or take along time to download.

Sites with lots of animation are not always the best. They may take some time to download. Remember the average attention span of most Internet users is 8 seconds. I for one find that as soon as I see a loading sign for a web site, 98% of the time I will immediately go to the next site.

You must also keep in mind that not everyone has a fast Internet connection. A recent poll found that over 1 in 3 people use a 56kbps modem or less.

Give us  a call and let us help you decide on a website that meets your need.


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